Data set: Human Health 2005
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Background on the data set

This Human Health 2005 data table is from the Population, Health and Human Well-Being Data Tables section of the EarthTrends: The Environmental Information Portal website (both links accessed 9/29/2009), the full citation being given below. The original sources for the data were: United Nations Population Division, World Health Organization, United Nations Children's Fund, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.

In converting the table into csv format, the few entries that were reported as "less than 1.0" were changed simply to 1.0, and footnotes were removed. We include the original pdf data table from the EarthTrends website here, which will allow for other conversion techniques as desired and which provides more detailed documentation of the data.

Data source citation: World Resources Institute. 2006. EarthTrends: Environmental Information. Available at Washington, D.C.: World Resources Institute. (Accessed 9/29/2009)

Variables in the data set
The variables in the data set are as follows:
regionAfrica, Asia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South Americaregion of the world in which the country is located
lifeExpect1980yearslife expectancy at birth in 1980
lifeExpect2000yearslife expectancy at birth in 2000
physiciansphysicians per 100000 populationnumber of physicians per 100000 population (1995-2003)
waterUrbanpercentpercentage of urban population using an improved water source in 2002
waterRuralpercentpercentage of rural population using an improved water source in 2002
sanitationUrbanpercentpercentage of urban population using improved sanitation in 2002
sanitationRuralpercentpercentage of rural population using improved sanitation in 2002
underweightpercentpercentage of children under 5 years old who are underweight (1995-2002)
stuntingpercentpercentage of children under 5 years of age whose growth has been stunted (1995-2002)
HIVpercentpercentpercentage of adults ages 15-49 living with HIV or AIDS in 2003
HIVchangepercentpercent change from 2001 to 2003 in the percentage of adults ages 15-49 living with HIV or AIDS
ARTpercentestimated percentage of adults with advanced HIV infection receiving antiretroviral therapy, or ART (2002-2003)
tuberculosistuberculosis cases per 100000 populationestimated number of new tuberculosis cases per 100000 population in 2002
malariamalaria cases per 100000 populationreported number of new cases of malaria per 100000 population (1998-2001)
bedNetspercentpercentage of children under 5 years of age using insecticide-treated bed nets (1999-2004)
healthCareTotalyear 2001 international dollars per persontotal (government and private) per capita expenditures on health care in 2001
healthCareGovtyear 2001 international dollars per personper capita government health care spending in 2001
Projects using this data set
5number of doctors and life expectancy