Data set: heights of choir singers
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Background on the data set

This dataset contains the heights of all of the singers in the Reed College Chorus and the Portland Symphonic Choir during the Spring 2010 semester. In addition to the singer's height and choir name, the singer's voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, or bass) is also included. The singer's usual or preferred subpart when the voice part divides is recorded as well, although while most singers sing only a single voice part in a choir, singers' subparts sometimes vary from piece to piece. For each singer, we have also given the frequency of the highest commonly sung note of the singer's voice part.

The Reed College Chorus data was collected by asking each singer to write down the above information during rehearsal (and later finding those who were absent). Singers therefore self-reported their heights. Also, while there was no ambiguity to the voice part, singers were asked simply to choose which subpart they most commonly sing or prefer to sing.

The Portland Symphonic Choir data was collected for each singer as part of becoming a member of the choir. In that process, height is self-reported and both part and subpart are decided on. So while some singers might sing a different subpart in another choir, they would always sing the specified subpart in this choir.

We at the University of Puget Sound Data Hoard are grateful to the choir directors Virginia Hancock (Reed College Chorus) and Steven Zopfi (Portland Symphonic Choir) for collecting and contributing the data.

Variables in the data set
The variables in the data set are as follows:
heightinchesheight of singer
subpartS1 (soprano 1), S2 (soprano 2), A1 (alto 1), A2 (alto 2), T1 (tenor 1), T2 (tenor 2), B1 (bass 1), B2 (bass 2)subdivided part usually or preferably sung
partS (soprano), A (alto), T (tenor), B (bass)part sung in the choir
frequencyHertzfrequency of part's highest commonly sung note
choirReed Chorus or Portland Symphonic Choirchoir the the singer is in
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